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The truth about site reviews online. Why are there so many different opinions online?

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Anybody can post a review about something on the web today but there is no way to verify if this review is authentic or fake. Nowadays site reviews are part of everyday decision-making but the credibility of them is fundamentally undermined when someone leave a false review.

A competitor or disgruntled customer can say bad things anonymously and it’s almost impossible for any online business to get a negative review removed from the Web once it’s online — even if it’s clearly false or the customer’s issue has since been resolved. Like wise a scam seller can post false positive reviews too to attract more customers.

In fact some companies hire people to post bad reviews for their competitors so they gain a bigger market share and scare away customers from good business.

Over the years we have invested a lot of money into our company and products and our passion to sell the best truly authentic quality luxury bags online.

We always resolve our customer complaints and we stand by our products and policies 100% as have done so for over 3 years

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